Houston, TX (PRWEB) December 18, 2012

Slimgage was given to the world this year via the iPhone as a free way to curb obesity. It is not a diet, fad, or late-night gimmick to losing weight. This application can become a way of life for users if used on a consistent basis because eating no longer becomes an arbitrary thing but more of a well-organized event. Instead of ordering a routine high-calorie lunch, Slimgage users now have to stop and consider all the choices on the menu so they can post the healthiest options for their followers to rate & comment. People that succumb to peer pressure are the ideal users for Slimgage.

The app is extremely easy to use unlike most food diaries. There are no search functions for food types or calorie counting. Slimgage lets the pictures do the talking as it is meaningless to calculate calories or fat content for chicken fried steak…..common sense tells you that it is something to avoid if trying to lose weight. Once the post is made, your followers will then be able to add commentary to the meal as means of moral support. Personal trainers & nutritionists love this function because they can keep an eye on their clients even when they are away from the gym.

The creator of Slimgage got the idea one day when he was at the gym where he had been a member for years. Many of the people who were paying personal trainers thousands of dollars to get them in shape kept returning week-in and week-out with little improvement to their physique. It was obvious that the 4-5 hours per week with the trainer was no match for their eating habits away from the gym. Slimgage’s concept was spawned to allow personal trainers make their clients accountable when they were not under their supervision.

SG also allows users to go head-to-head in their challenge section where they can compete to see who can live the healthiest lifestyle within a designated time frame. Each post is worth a designated amount of points and workouts naturally will yield the most. Over time, badges also get awarded for achieving specific milestones ranging from total points to consecutive meals with a positive rating.

Since Slimgage is free to download, it is quite easy to get friends and family involved to help support you if losing weight is a top priority. Along the way, you will also pick up recipe ideas and tasty options to replace the ones you are trying to avoid. Slimgage is currently only available for iPhone and can beĀ downloaded here on iTunes. Diets are temporary….Slimgage is a lifestyle.

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